Lorelei and Craig, your humble bloggers.

Lorelei and Craig, your humble bloggers.

Back in 2002, before we were even a twinkle in the other’s eye, we each migrated west to California – Craig from Minnesota to Santa Cruz, and Lorelei from Massachusetts to Los Angeles. He completed his doctorate in molecular biology, put out a few albums of noise experiments, and began working as a research scientist. She became a television and content producer and spent years as a touring indie musician and recording artist in the band Film School.

Eventually, we both found ourselves 30-something divorcees living in sunny San Diego – where we finally met in 2013 via Tinder. Yes, Tinder. This 6’6” bearded beer-brewing guitar-playing scientist met this 5’7” bass-playing content-producing vegan for a craft beer and French fries, she looked in disdain upon the accompanying aioli, he fetched her ketchup, and the rest is history.

So… was he or wasn’t he? Nope. Craig was a localvore, pig-roast hosting “humane” meat foodie type when we met. Did she convert him? The answer is, yes. She read him passages from the vegan Bible and forced him to watch videos of routine animal torture daily. Just kidding. She simply shared the information she had learned over time, and after a few months he decided to join her in discontinuing to pay people to unnecessarily harm animals. Today, he whips up gourmet food and fermented beverage concoctions to the delight of all who taste them using stuff that grows out of the ground/on trees, along with a bit of mad science, sparing lots of natural resources along with animals’ lives in the process.  Easy peasy. Heck, even his Minnesotan family can dig deep fried cauliflower.

In 2015, we got engaged and bought a midcentury ranch in Massachusetts’ scenic Blackstone Valley, where we have made the leap to country living with our 135-lb Great Dane rescue Spock, tied the knot in 2016, and hope to eventually open a vegan gastropub where people can – you guessed it – Eat Plants / Drink Beer!

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