Scrolling through pages and pages of old blog posts can be annoying, so here are direct links to all the recipes and articles we've published here at Eat Plants / Drink Beer.

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Drink Beer

  • Wild Science Brewing Company - The moniker I'm currently brewing under and an introduction to my brewing philosophy.
  • UnTraditional Bock - One of the beers I brewed for the 2015 BrewUnited Homebrew challenge. An easy drinking bock beer with hints of raisin and loads of malt.
  • Blondish Ale - Another 2015 BrewUnited beer. A super crisp and easy to drink lighter beer that's perfect for game day.
  • Ambah Ale - The final 2015 BrewUnited beer. A floral and citrusy red ale with just a touch of caramel.
  • Trappist Single Ale - A solid beer that's lacking some fruit notes from the yeast.
  • Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout - Thick, chewy, and chocolaty with a really good whiskey base.
  • Barrel Aged English Dark Mild - A low ABV beer with great coconut and vanilla notes from the oak that play well with the dark roasted malts.
  • Tart Cherry Porter - One of my favorite beers, a perfect cherry finish set against a nice roasty/toasty porter.
  • Rauchbier - A traditional smoked beer with German origins. 
  • West Coast New England IPA - A dank, bitter, juicy, and aromatic beer that combines two beautiful IPA styles.
  • Nordic Wheat Beer - A simple wheat beer made with White Labs Nordic Yeast Blend with a bit of infused orange zest.

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