Barrel Aged English Dark Mild

Milds, as you could guess by their name, are mild beers by nature. They don't have huge flavor profiles and don't get you drunk just by smelling them. They're low in ABV and while they can pack a good punch flavor-wise, they're beers meant to be drunk in large amounts, so there's nothing too aggressive about them. There are lighter and darker milds, and can run the flavor gamut from sweet and caramelly to dry and roasty with chocolate, dark fruit, coffee, or licorice notes sprinkled in.

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Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout

I've done wood aged beers in the past, both clean and sour, but those were always done with toasted oak cubes that were either boiled or soaked in spirits before being added to the beer for aging. So this will be my first beer using an actual barrel and I couldn't be more excited. I have at least two clean beers I want to put though the barrel to strip away most of the big, bold flavors that the wood and whiskey will impart before aging sours in it, the first one will be detailed below, a big, luscious, thick Russian Imperial Stout, and the second will be a slightly left of center choice in an English Dark Mild.

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