How Tinder Helped Me Go Vegan

Two years ago I roasted a whole pig at my house; little did I know that 9 months later I would be eating my last animal carcass. So what changed in those 9 months? Did I learn something new about where my food came from? Nope, I (like pretty much everyone else) always knew where it came from and I (like pretty much everyone else) always knew it wasn’t always a good place. Did I become a new age hippie and suddenly want to become one with the world? Nope, I was still a craft beer brewing and drinking hipster who played video games with his friends until 3am and listened to weird music. Did I do it for health? Nope, I already ate quite well; my cholesterol was low, my blood pressure was solid, and I worked out pretty regularly. Did I meet someone who asked me a simple question that changed the way I lived my life for the better? Yes, yes I did.

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